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Kidney Dissection || An Open Book

How do your kidneys work? Learn how to dissect a kidney in this video, which also covers its external and internal anatomy and physiology. In this simple dissection of a kidney, you’ll learn various parts of its physiology, how kidneys filter blood, and the parts of a nephron.

Kidneys are a vital part of the human body. They carry out the extremely important task of filtering the blood and removing wastes. How do they do it? Their various parts and how they work are fascinating to learn about! Also, did you know that kidneys have pyramids? In this video, you’ll learn general information about kidneys, which will be tied into its anatomical structures.

This dissection lab is for anyone who is curious about kidney anatomy, wants to cover kidney anatomy for a course, missed the kidney dissection during biology class, or just wondered, “How does my kidney work?”. The video will teach you how to dissect a kidney step by step, and review the external and internal anatomy of the kidney.

In this video, we’ll cover the following structures:

Nephron (discussed) Loop of henle (discussed)

Ureter Medulla

Renal artery Cortical nephrons (discussed)

Renal vein Juxtamedullary nephrons (discussed)

Cortex Renal pyramids

Glomerulus (discussed) Renal pelvis

Bowman’s capsule (discussed) Collecting ducts (discussed)

Proximal tubule (discussed)

If you want to learn more about kidney anatomy, here’s a link to a website with more detailed information, as well as diagrams:

If you have any questions regarding kidney anatomy, dissection methodology, or general biology, feel free to leave a comment. We'll try our best to reply.


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