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Science Resources

For anyone who wants more opportunities for experiential learning in biology (or STEM in general), here are some great resources we've compiled:

Please send us an email if you know of a great biology opportunity for students that we have not listed here.

Websites for Finding Science Research Programs

The Connectory

Science Buddies

Summer Research Opportunities for High School Studnets

Black Rock Forest Consortium Field Ecology Research Internship Program

Cold Spring Harbor Dolan DNA Learning Center Summer Science Camps

Hofstra University Science Summer Research Program


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program (HOPP) Summer Student Program


Museum Education and Employment Program at the American Museum of Natural History


NASA New York City Research Initiative (Summer Component)

Applied Research Innovation in Science & Engineering (ARISE)

The Rockefeller University Summer Science Outreach Program (SSRP)


New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYSEF)

NYU Center for the Study of Asian Health

NYU Poly Center for K12 STEM Education

NYU Psychology Department

Roswell Park Cancer Institute Summer Research Program for High School Students

The Summer Science Program

SUNY Stony Brook Simons Summer Research Program

Research Opportunities During the School Year

Alley Pond Environmental Center Field Biology Internships

American Museum of Natural History Science Research Mentoring Program

Columbia University Science Honors Program

Coastal Studies for Girls

The New York Academy of Sciences– The Junior Academy

The Science Career Ladder

The Young Naturalist Awards

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